A Little Piece of Me

So, I am basically a blabbermouth. This is something that I've always been and probably will always be.

What can I say--I just like to share information.

So, in honor of information sharing, I would like you to enjoy this little tidbit of me, my past, my history, my upbringing. It all sounds very poetic, no? Well, I just found out that my hometown has a website, including none other than a live camera feed! This sheet is fascinating!

This camera is located in the parking lot of one of the stores on main street. From this angle, you can see one of the 3 stop lights that the town is blessed with. Up until the time when I moved 11 years ago, we only had one stop light. By George, they're really doin' it now with 3!

I have stared at this live parking lot feed for about 15 minutes...staring at the ugly, slushy snow in the parking lot.

Knowing full well that I need to go to my storage unit and get my winter boots before I venture to good ole Camden tomorrow. Gross.

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