And so it begins...

I'm terrified. I just registered for the 2009 Boilermaker 15K. Although I have been running (ahem...jogging) for about 5 years now, I have never attempted to tackle a race of baby brontosaurus proportions. My previous races have been more of a Deinonychus than a Brontosaurus. In addition to not having ever run (errr...jogged) a race of this distance, I have also never jogged during the height of summer (July 12) over massive rolling hills. Uh yeah. I'm more of a "find the flattest 3 mile course and mosey through it" kind of gal. However, today I registered for the race and bought the t-shirt. There's no turning back now. I mean c'mon...I bought the t-shirt. What kind of a tool bag would I be jogging around in a 2009 Boilermaker training t-shirt with no intention of actually participating in the Boilermaker?

The race looks like this:


And, I'm scared of it.

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