Beef and Mechanics

I slept until 12:30 yesterday. I admit it.

I have been feeling slightly not "right" for about the past 2 weeks, and I had a hunch that my body was trying to tell me that if I didn't slow down and get some rest, I was going to be sick soon. I ignored it, of course. I proceeded with my crazy weekend, including steak on Friday, steak on Saturday, and tacos on Sunday.

"Hello, coronary bypass? Yes, I'd like to make an appointment for 3pm today..."

In addition to my overly carnivorous meal plan, I also began Saturday with a trip to the vet for psykko (a.k.a. Nikko), followed by a pretty hard-core trip to the grocery store for coupon hounding, immediately followed by dinner out with my boyfriend's family. However, considering it was a Saturday night in the DC Metro area, there was nothing short of a 45 minute wait. I promise that I wore sensible, sturdy shoes, but no orthopedic shoe on the face of the Earth can shelter my chronically injured right knee/calf/ankle/foot...LEG...from pain when faced with a 45 minute wait at Texas Roadhouse.

Needless to say, I was a little grumpy by the time we sat down. Dinner was enjoyable, and we had to cut out a little early to make it to Hooters in time for our date with Randy Couture and Brock Lesner. Of course, we left late, as is our typical M.O., and got to Hooters WAY too late to get a table. This was about 28,475,639 times more irritating than having to wait 45 minutes for a table at Texas Roadhouse. However, we couldn't miss this fight because we are both UFC we stood.

And stood...

And stood...

Are you noticing a pattern yet?

Yes, we stood for 3 HOURS. Around hour #2, I think I cracked a tear. Around hour #2.5, I think I heard my feet cry out for help. It was miserable. Finally, after Randy Couture was defeated, we ran out the door and quickly made it to the car so that we could take a load off of our feet. I started up the car, then proceeded to have a 10 minute asthma attack with no rescue inhaler. The Gazelle was ready to drive me to the ER. Poor thing.

I survived the asthma attack (obviously), and we started on our way to stop #3 for the night, my friend's birthday celebration at a local bar. We drove all the way there, only to find out that there was a $10 per person cover, and they didn't allow hats. Not even girl hats. Are you SERIOUS??!! It was drizzling all day, and I wore the cutest was my only savior on a day like that. Ok, I could have went to the car and gracefully ditched the hat. However, with a $10 cover and no confirmation that my friend was even still AT the bar, we went to the car and waited to hear back from her. answer...12:15...still no answer. We went home.

On the way home, I began hearing this eerie metal-on-metal grinding noise coming from my brakes. Hello $500 brake job. So...when I was finally able to drag my butt out of bed yesterday, I dropped my car off with my mechanic to be fixed. I love car maintenance expenses.

So, I ate too much red meat, got sick, and I'm anticipating a huge bill from my mechanic. Hopefully at least my run this afternoon will be good.

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