Damn You, Tight Calf...Damn, Damn, Damn!



And blahhhh!!!!

My right calf has been insanely tight and uncomfortable for 2 days now. This is my standard M.O. I wore heels yesterday morning from the house to the car, drove to work, and then wore them up to my office. At which point, I promptly changed into a pair of flats and wore them for the remainder of the day in lieu of my super cute hells heels. I made a valiant effort to wear heels because they were cuter, but it just wasn't feeling right, so I bailed. Is it REALLY possible that the 15 minutes between my house and my office, including all of maybe 150 steps on those wretched stilts could have caused this??!! Who knows.

It could have been my run with Nikko, but I've done this run with no problems in the past. No backlash. No angry calves.

I see Liz tomorrow, but I really like going to see her when I don't need to see her. It makes for a much less painful experience. Remember last week, when I was happy that she canceled my appointment so that I could go to the gym for a run??!!

Yeah...that was so last week.

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