Drumroll Please...

Alright, alright...so it wasn't 3 miles, and it wasn't RULLY fast. But it was 2.1 miles, and it was faster than I've run on the treadmill consistently in...oh...4 years. Did I mention that I hate the treadmill? It is so much easier for me to run fast and have fun outside.

Since my Sista suggested it, I decided to do a tempo run. Well...she never said "do a tempo run, slowpoke", but she did tell me the other day to see about running at 6.4 on the treadmill for 10 minutes rather than repeat the outlandish interval training that I did on Monday. I am very happy to report that today's run consisted of an easy 10 minute run, followed by 5 minutes at 6.4. When I completed 5 minutes, I was feeling really victorious because I hadn't coughed up a lung or ruptured my spleen, so I did 2 minutes at 6.5. Then I dropped 'er down to 6.4 again. The last 5 running minutes was at 6.0 and 5.5. More of the 5.5 than the 6.0. I just walked after that...hence the big huge plummet on my little Nike + chart (see above). I was pretty chopped by that point.

I felt good at 6.4. I felt crazy good at 6.4. I felt so good at 6.4 that I think next time I run at 6.4, I'll wave to everyone and smile as they pass my treadmill. Maybe I'll even flip my pony at them too. Just maybe.

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