Exciting Things Happening Right NOW!

1) I ran 2 miles at lunch, despite the fact that my calf was extremely tight due to my wiiFit party (with myself, of course) last night.

2) I just bought a new camera from eBay, and it is EXACTLY the camera I wanted, and I got it for EXACTLY $15 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else online. Hip hop hooray!

3) Regarding #2, everyone is going to be really sorry that I got this camera because I am going to take more pictures than I know what to do with now that I will have a beautiful, feature-rich camera...as recommended by my favorite blogger in the universe, The Pioneer Woman. She's basically the bomb.

4) I forgot to bring my lunch to work today, and had no time to go out for lunch since I was good and went to the gym. So, lunch consisted of a handful of nacho flavor sunflower seeds and 3 Hershey's Kisses. Which I really don't like, but they just happened to be in my drawer.

5) Did I mention that I bought a new SkirtSport skirt today? Wooo!

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