Hobby vs. Job

At least once a week, I wish that I could be a professional hobbier. I can't even imagine the pure bliss involved with earning a living by doing something that I truly love. My only problem would be deciding which hobby would successfully keep my interest for long enough. As I get old(er), I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm a bit impulsive. And have a slight case of ADD.

There was the soap-making phase. What started out as a small soap-making kit purchased at one of those canned craft stores, turned into a small-scale soap manufacturing company (sans customers) right in my very own dining room. Within a 2 week period, I had made every size, shape, and scent of soap imaginable. I quickly realized that I hated bar soap, I didn't even use bar soap, and that along with me, most of the American population had switched to using the more convenient body wash form of soap many moons before I started making my crafty little bars of soap. I'm usually a day late on these things anyway, so I wasn't heartbroken.

Then there was the paper-making phase. This was a good one, and I actually still have some leftovers of my paper-making phase. The process of paper-making is really messy, but it is actually very fun and relatively simple. The only problem with paper-making was that I couldn't afford to keep replacing my blender every other day. Those things get expensive.

I'm presently involved in couponing as a hobby. This seems to be a pretty inexpensive hobby, and in the end, I actually save money. What a concept. The problem with couponing is that it is fairly time-consuming, and my hand cramps up after cutting enough coupons for myself, my family members, and all of my coupon buddies. Carpal tunnel could be an unwelcome side effect of couponing. Something to think about.

Jogging is my longest-running hobby. I have somehow managed to stay interested in jogging for almost 6 years (despite a rigorous CPA testing schedule, college classes and tests, full-time job, injuries and physical therapists). Considering how well I know myself and my sporadic hobby track record, 6 years is impressive. Although this makes me feel proud to have accomplished a little bit of personal focus, I am becoming concerned about jogging lately.

My sister (who regularly drops her cell phone in the toilet) has completed 2 Boilermakers so far. We were both late-bloomer runners (well...she's a runner, I'm a jogger), but she has really excelled. She mentioned the race to me for 2 consecutive years before I finally decided to do it. In the weeks leading up to my registration yesterday, I have been fairly consumed with thoughts of the race. I have the elevation map posted on the wall next to my desk. Considering my history of becoming hobby-disgruntled and quickly throwing in the towel, I'm concerned.

Is my hobby going to turn into less of a hobby and more of a job?

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