Holiday Music

I'm streaming holiday music on my computer. Don't tell my network administrator. He'll be mad if he knows that I'm tying up our network with "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas". Little does he know, but this act of network espionage is the only thing that is keeping me sane at the moment. For some reason, this extra infusion of holiday cheer is the only thing that has kept me from plummeting of the edge of the Insanity Cliff this morning.

I woke up in the rankest mood. I laid in bed until 6:40, which isn't all that abnormal for me. I have to be to work at 8AM, and my commute is only 15 minutes, so I try to stay in bed for as long as possible because...well...I'm basically just lazy. So this morning I stayed in bed until 6:40, got up, brushed my teeth and got semi-ready. Then I laid back down until 7:20. I was not feeling the whole "getting out of bed and going to work" thing. I also wasn't feeling the "let the dogs out", or the "be happy and have a good day" things. Mondays are not usually this difficult for me. that's another story.

My weekend was filled with sporadic, unhealthy meals, including about 3 glasses of wine on Friday night at my work Christmas party. Despite my best-laid plan, I did not run over the weekend. The Gazelle and I spent most of the afternoon and evening Christmas shopping on Saturday. Despite being able to check a few of my loved ones off of the Christmas list, when I woke up on Sunday, I didn't feel that normal sense of accomplishment.

I almost never feel this way. I'm not really sure what has me in a funk, but I'm hoping that it lifts soon. Maybe the Christmas music will help.

Does anyone else feel funky during the holidays?

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