In a word...GIDDY!

I was slightly disappointed in the aftermath of my appointment with Liz last Wednesday because I did have some intermittent calf tightness throughout the weekend and up until yesterday. I was losing all hope. Considering throwing in the towel. Crying into my pillow at night. Ok, that might be a stretch.

I just got back from being tortured treated in her office, and Holy Catsaroonie, did that sheeeet hurt!! See, I'm all for a good arse kicking when I go in there. Generally, that means that I will feel better tomorrow if I can just manage the rolling tears as she contorts my foot and ankle into strange pretzel-like shapes. Last week, I experienced the pain, but not a HUGE relief in discomfort the way I wanted. I felt like my 45 minutes of agony was all for naught.

This afternoon, however, when I stood up to "walk it off" after the torture treatment was over, I felt like a new woman. A limber woman. A woman who can jog. And walk without a hitch in her giddyup. I'm suddenly trying to plan in a jog tonight, but not sure how I can fit it around studying for the evil CPA exam (Regulation section...bah), and my elusive lingering ceiling fan installation.

I feel more normal right now than I can recall feeling in the past 2 years. I don't know what she did, but I hope she does it some more.

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