Please Be Careful

So, I kid a lot.

I'm sure you've noticed.

This is serious though. I was floating through the Runners World discussion forum today, where I periodically hang out, and I came across this post. In a nutshell, the chick was out running super early yesterday morning, on her normal route, and a van stopped on the side of the road and turned his lights off. She backtracked on her route (and cut it short, dammit!), then noticed that the same van drove by again.

Luckily, that's where the story ends.

However, this story actually stuck with me because I'm concerned about all things concerning female safety. The Gazelle is a cop, and although I was paranoid prior to meeting him, I am about 936 times worse now.

I have always been the type to constantly be plotting escape routes in case a masked, knife-wielding, fire-breathing psychopath should happen to break into my house when I'm taking a shower and try to maim me. Somehow, these escape plans always seem to begin with me in the shower, apparently because that is when I feel most vulnerable.

...the thought of having to fight off an attacker with shampoo in my hair is just incomprehensible. It makes me shudder.

Anyway...plotting my attack in order to ensure safety has become second nature. However, I started thinking about this lady's situation, and I am really not sure how I would handle it. Chances are, if I'm running outdoors here in the DC/Metro area, other cars are just going to whiz by as I am kidnapped (or worse) by my attacker. In case you are joining me from outside of a metro area, let me just mention that commuters don't care about jack while on their way to work. Absolute tunnel vision. Robotic. Unconcerned.

Please, be cautious while running ladies (and gentleman). Here are are some basic things you can do in order to stay a little safer on your runs...

Stay Safe While Running

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