Right NOW? Do I have to?!

So, I am absolutely, positively, not in the mood to go to the gym in 10 minutes and run 3 miles. I say 3 miles because I'm aiming high. I refuse to accept 2 miles as a descent lunchtime run anymore.

I would much rather sit at my desk, in my warm office, with my MacBook, and play with my new camera. And edit the pictures of Nikko that I took last night in PhotoShop.

1) I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA!!!!! I'm officially marking it on my list of "Jogger's Top 5 Most Coolest Purchases Ever." NOT on that list? The ceiling fan that I purchased on Tuesday night. I'll talk about that another time. When I'm not so emotionally scarred.

2) Don't you just want to squeeze his little puppy dog cheeks?!


That is...until he starts to snarl and bark and nip at your hands just because he's never met you, and he thinks you're trying to steal any bit of attention from him! He's kind of fickle like that.

But I love him.

And...I'm going to the gym. Ughhh...

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