Running Log

For those runners who are also accountants and have mad spreadsheets, yo (yeah, I saw that on a t-shirt once), I found a really cool running log that keeps track of everything from your weekly mileage goal to the total miles you have on your runners. It will even keep a chart of how many more miles you have to run before you make it to the moon (well, this is pretend, of course)! I don't know...I'm simple...This feature makes me a little giddy. I love convenience, so just in case you don't feel like going to the guy's website, I have also uploaded it for your downloading pleasure. You can get it in the black box to the right ("Joggers File Grabber")...or just click here to get to the file (logrun.xls).

In addition to my Nike + iPod jobby, I have been using this log as a backup since September. I really heart my Nike + sensor, don't get me wrong. However, the innate problem with the Nike + iPod jobby (this is a real word in my world) is that if you happen to forget your sensor, or your iPod died and you didn't realize it until you strapped on your earphones and tied your shoes, you have no way of entering that run into your Nike + module online. That kind of sucks in my book. I suppose that it keeps us all honest, but's difficult for us busy career women to be prepared all that time. That's a pretty tall order.

In any case, the log is good. If you'd like to use it, or just poke around at it a little, make sure you start with the "setup" page, and enter in all of the requested information there. That will ensure that the whole sheet works for you. If you want to change the layout or column widths, you have to turn off the protection on the sheet and use the password "dead". I was a little concerned that the developer used such a morbid password, and I almost called his mother.

Just the same, if you have any questions about the spreadsheet, just give me a holler.

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