The Upside to Global Warming

Ok, so global warming scares the doody out of me, but I am definitely enjoying the ability to run outside on December 28th wearing only a pair of thin leggings and a T-shirt. I wore an Under Armour long sleeve base layer, but regretted it around the 1.5 mile mark because I was SOOO hot.

High (and low) points of the run:

-3.25 Miles
-Mile 1 pace: 7:41 (whoa! That's NOT jogging!)
-4 killer hills
-2 long, gentle slopes
-Winded around 1.5 miles and muscle fatigue (might have been that 7:41 first mile)
-Walked up most of the ginormous hills
-Fibular head pain around 2.5 miles...stopped for a stretch and continued to finish the run.

I was trying to focus on "gliding", as my loving Sista has instructed me to do. I was thankful that Christmas allowed me to spend some time with the family, and I was able to talk to my Sista about running.

I have determined that all of my knee/leg ailments are due to my running form, not due to a permanent injury of any sort. I don't take a lot of comments to heart, but I've decided after 5 years of running to listen to the fact that everyone picks on me for "prancing" when I run. There's just too much upward motion in my gait, so now I'm trying to learn how to just stay low and go.

My Sista tells me to just think about going "forward".

I'll just keep practicing. It seems to help when I concentrated on "heel, toe" as I run. Any of you more experienced (and much faster) runners out there who want to pipe up and lend some suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

My Sista also suggested to join a running group in my town, and I'm going to research that tonight. As much as it makes my bootie tighten when I just think about joining a group, I am going to have to go out on a limb (or two) if I really want to become a better runner (and not walk the 9.3 miles to The Boilermaker finish line). Man, that would be a long walk.

For some reason, the idea of running with people who are way better than me conjures up images of being the 11 year old fat girl in gym class waiting to be picked for dodge ball teams.


So...I clearly have a few issues to work through on that one.

In any case, I ran today, and I'll run tomorrow at lunch. The goal for January is to run at least 50 miles. If I can do more, awesome...but I'll do at least 50 miles.

OH! And today, I christened my Boilermaker Training shirt. And I was so proud to sweat in it for the first time.

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