Well, Since You Asked...

I just got a new camera. Did I mention that yet? I think I might have mentioned it once or twice.

I purchased this camera solely (maybe not solely, but definitely firstly) on the suggestion of The Pioneer Woman, who is basically the coolest new person in my universe at the moment. Because of her, I have been learning about everything from cattle herding to trips to the Dominican Republic to new babies...and photography! She is kind of like me. Jack of all (ok...many in my case) trades, but a master of none.

In any case, Pioneer Woman (PW) has giveaways all the time on her website, and she was giving away a camera not too long ago. She happened to be speaking directly to my squishy soul at the time because I was so sick of my Olympus Model #FE-CRIPPITY-CRAP-220 that I was just dreading the idea of taking pictures in the future. And I LOVE pictures, people...so this is bad, real bad. When I got home from vacation and saw how yucky our pix looked, I knew it was officially time for a new model.

I checked out the cNet review on the camera, and it was a done deal. Well, it was basically a done deal after The Pioneer Woman loved it enough to give it away to her readers. I trust her. She's family.

So, with the proceeds of the eBay sale of 2 pair of designer sunglasses (which were just collecting dust on my dresser and getting in the way, since they were too fragile and expensive, and I'm really clumsy), I bought a shiny new Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. Out with the old, in with the new.

So, this is what my shiny new camera looks like:


Bulky, you say? Yep, bulkier than my Olympus FE-CC220, but totally way better. It might be heavier than my Wal-Mart Olympus, but seriously...is that not a small sacrifice for this:

Just wait until I amaze you with all of my amazing pictures.

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