MORE WINE, PLEASE! And A Sake Bomb Too!

My birthday celebration week is over. My financials are almost finished.

My crazy life has again calmed down to a state of manageable chaos.

I feel relieved.

But, I do have this abnormal pain behind my right ear. And a bruise on the right side of my chin. And one on my right hip. And everything kind of "hurts" today. Actually, everything kind of "hurt" yesterday. When I woke up at 11:30AM. After a night of drunken debauchery.

And I didn't remember what I did to cause these rogue bruises on my chin. And behind my ear. And on my hip.

As the day unfolded, while laying on the sofa watching repeats of House Hunters International, bits and pieces of the night started to roll through my mind. Sort of like a movie. A bad, bad movie.

It began with a surprise party at Honey Pig Korean BBQ, which was such a sweet gesture from My Gazelle. Such a sweet gesture. A sweet, sweet, sweet gesture. Just not exactly the place for a girl who hasn't eaten meat in a month.

When we walked in, I had flashbacks of when my ED was in full swing, and I dreaded going out to public places and eating for fear that nothing on the menu would "fit" into my plan for the day. It was scary and intimidating.

I wanted to appear gracious. It's not everyday that I receive this type of surprise treatment, and this was my first birthday party with friends since turning 13. And it was a surprise! And he planned the whole thing! I needed to make sure that I didn't appear put off at all by the piles of meat cooking in front of me, lest I receive no future surprises due to my not-so-appreciative behavior. I made sure that Jenifita (the queen Veggie Girl) sat right next to me. She proudly announced to everyone that she is a vegetarian (since I am not quite feeling full vegetarian-ownership as of yet), and meat-free food was ordered on her behalf.

Approximately 10 minutes later, a large metal bowl of soba noodles with chunks of ice and slivered cucumbers were placed in front of us. Soon after, a pot full of extra super spicy cabbage stuff arrived.

What can I say...I have no idea what I was eating. It was ordered on our behalf. The frozen noodles were weird, but we just went with it.

Personally, after the first 2 shots of Korean "wine" (which is consumed from shot glasses, and wasn't wine at all), I didn't care how cold the noodles were or how spicy the pot of cabbage was. Jenifita is pregnant, so she didn't partake. And left very hungry!

"MORE WINE, please!"

We ended the night at Temple Lounge, which just happens to be one of my favorite places in the universe. The Asian-inspired atmosphere, the friendly staff, the fusion cuisine and sushi. Unfortunately, I was far too drunk to fully enjoy any of the above. Frankly, after the 3 sake bombs caught up with me, I barely remembered my name.

And, my chin hurts.

I seem to recall something about a slippery bathroom floor and a handicapped "safety" bar. I suppose it's not very safe when you're bashing your head on it.

Um. Yeah. Not my most shining moment.


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