I know that it was only 2 weeks ago that I told you how much Hanni loved my peanut butter cookie LARABAR.  Unfortunately, my new found love for LARABAR's cannot be contained for very long.


Have you guys tried this flavor?  It is SO good.

If you haven't tried the LARABAR yet, you must.  Even if you are not accustomed to "vegan", "raw", or "unprocessed" foods, you will love these bars!  All of the bars have very few ingredients, but the variety of flavor selection is startling (cinnamon roll, peanut butter cookie, apple pie, banana bread, cashew cookie, coconut cream pie, the list goes on and on)!

Their flavor of the month is peanut butter and Jelly (which I must immediately get my hands on).

Hanni didn't try the cinnamon roll flavor (because I was being greedy), but I'm sure she would approve.

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