Protein is Good.

With my recent somewhat-on-purpose, somewhat not-on-purpose decision to be land-creature free, I've had some concerns with my diet. Wait. Was this an actual decision?

Am I really doing this?

Is it like official and crap?

First off, I've done this whole "no land creatures" bit before. Approximately 5 years ago, it became a great way to turn down various offers of food.

"no thanks, I don't eat (insert land creature here)."

This time, it was just a matter of personal preference.

I am an animal lover, but I don't chastise hunters. It just so happens that I'm more of a gatherer. I don't like meat. Never particularly have. It's really that simple. I wish I could say that it was for some greater political or spiritual purpose. Something really fancy and passionate and tree-huggerish.

But it's not.

I just can't stand the squish of ground meat. And the smell of steak. Or the way that meat gets all slimy and disgusting in those plastic grocery store packages. It kind of makes me want to hurl actually. And it always has.

However, this decision to not eat meat has led me to do some research on what I need.


Did I determine yet if this is a fo real decision?

Like, FO REAL fo real?

I was mainly concerned about protein intake. According to information obtained from Web MD, an adult female (unless pregnant or lactating) requires about 46 grams of protein per day.

Did I just say "lactating"? Eew.

Since I don't calorie-count, but only log the things that I eat in relation to the food group that they fit into, I wasn't sure if I was even going to come close to meeting this 46ish grams of protein per day. So, I did an experiment. It was very scientifical.


Here we have a little snippet of what I have consumed today. In the margin on the right, I've noted the respective protein content in the foods that I ate. And this is only the protein content of the sheeet that I felt like getting up off of my arse and looking at the label on.

So, as you can see, it's 5PM, and I've already consumed 32 grams of protein. Now, I'm no genius, but I think that means that I only need to schmarf about 14ish more grams of protein in order to be a whole person today.

And I'm pretty sure that I can eat 14ish grams of protein between now and bedtime. Probably more. Because I have the appetite of a sturdy adult woman. And I'm running tonight. I'll need extra protein afterward so that my body parts don't fall off randomly.

So, I'm gonna stop worrying about that "you need to eat land creatures from disgusting, slimy packages" drivel.

Cause that sheeet ain't true.


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