I have never been one to make "New Years Resolutions". In my opinion, New Years Resolutions are sort of like diets. They just don't work. Long-term lifestyle changes such as diets (and the various things that people "resolve" to do at the beginning of a new year), in most cases, require a full on lifestyle overhaul.

Its easy to say you're going to do something. The hard part is following through.

Oh, don't I know about lacking the ability to follow through. If there were a "Queen of Pissy Follow Through-Ville", that would be me. See me...raising my hand high in the air? I thought you probably could.

I'm one of those ambitious yet lazy people. I'm ambitious up until the point when I realize that something is going to be more of a challenge than I originally anticipated. If I find that its something that I am already good at and can excel at without fear of failure, I will totally run with it. I'll invest every ounce of myself into it. But if I'm going to fail, I run away. Retreat, retreat! I hate failure. Oh, and did I mention that I HATE FAILURE? The fear of failure causes me to procrastinate, and be lazy, and ultimately give up on those things which I feel are going to beat me down.

And so.

Welcome to 2009, Queen of Pissy Follow Through-Ville. Now that you are quickly approaching middle-age, it is time for you to grow up and be a big girl. No more procrastinating and being lazy for fear of failure. Take the bull by its' horns (as Momma Jogger used to always tell Little Girl Jogger). Run with the ball. Don't be a freaking candy ass. Just do it.

(insert other similar cliches here)

2009 is the year that I will be a big girl.

2009 is the year that I will set goals (not make resolutions).

2009 is MY year.

I feel so inspired.

2009 Goals:

1) Finish the Boilermaker with a smile, excited to run it again. This might be a stretch, but I'll keep it in mind.

2) Monthly run schedule as follows:
1st Quarter*: At least 60 miles
2nd Quarter*: At least 80 miles
3rd Quarter*: At least 75 miles
4th Quarter*: At least 60 miles
Total Goal Miles for 2009: 825 (Minimum)
***Ignore the fact that I'm talking like an accountant please...some things cannot be changed.

I would love to run more than 825 miles in 2009, but I'm setting a realistic goal so that I don't kill myself and get injured. Which leads me to #3...

3) Continue working towards being injury free (leg/knee/calf) by improving running form and seeing PT and/or running coach.

4) Run a 5K in under 30:00.

5) Stretch at least once per day (run or no run).

6) Drink at least 64 oz of water per day.

7) Pass my CPA tests and get licensed. This is not health/fitness/running related, but nonetheless very important in my life, and very intertwined with my running schedule. Studying requires about 40 hours per week...which is essentially a second full-time job. In addition to running. In addition to housework. In addition to trying to have a life. It is very arduous. But I will conquer these blasted tests.

8) Belly laugh at least once a day.

9) Visit my NY family more often.

10) Be kind to myself.

There you have it. This is what my 2009 will look like in a nutshell. At no point did I type "Be a total candy ass and punk out of your goals", so if any of you see me doing that, please pipe up.

If nobody else does, at least I know My Sista will. She's good at putting things into perspective for me.

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