Desk Job Pancake Ass-O-Phobia.

Sometimes I wonder what my ass will look like after having a desk job for the next 35-40 years. Plus the 10 years that I've already had a desk job. That means that I will basically be sitting on my ass for 50 years. This concerns me.

Is my ass going to look like a pancake in approximately 15 years?

After the initial pancaking of my ass, will it then become one of those "diaper asses" that I so often see on older ladies?

When I've hit the 30 year mark, is my ass then officially deemed "concave"?

This all truly concerns me. If anyone has an answer, please let me know. A solution would be even better because I kind of prefer my ass the way it is.

Last night, I jogged. I'm using that word very liberally. I didn't feel horrible, but I did experience a new and exciting stabbing knee pain (at the fibular head) around the 3 mile mark. It was great fun. I decided to walk at that point, and attempts to pick it back up to a jog resulted in more stabbing knee pain. At around 3.5 miles, I called it a day, and just walked home. Luckily, I did an out and back to the lake, so I wasn't far from home. After icing, I felt fine, and all seems well today.

Tonight I will attempt it again.

As long as you're screwing off rather than working, check out the Tales of Expansion Great Pistachio Giveaway! I made up the "Great" part myself.

But wait, there's more!

Meloncauliflower is giving away Barney Butter. Considering the little run-in she had with TSA in order to try Barney Butter in the first place, this giveaway is huge.



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