Self Love.

And no, gqh...not THAT kind of self love. I am an awesome vegetarian.

I have to qualify that statement, however.

I am an awesome vegetarian. Because I am an awesome cook! Truth is that you really can't be satisfied with your life in food (vegetarian or carnivorous) unless you cook well. Or have a personal chef. Or go out to eat everyday. Or have an awesome spouse who is a great cook.

One must have great food in their life to be satisfied.


Although this picture does my veggie pad Thai absolutely no justice, you can rest assured that it tasted great. While it lasted. Before I schmarfed down most of the contents of that Pyrex container. It's in a Pyrex container because, well, remember...I see death pass by my door with every microwaved or dish-washed plastic container. It's an affliction that I've recently come down with. But seriously. You can't tell me that heating that plastic sheeeet up doesn't make it hazardous to your health. The melting point of plastic is much lower than the melting point of glass. Which means that at some point in the heating process, you're eating plastic.

Glass is safe.

Glass is secure.

I love glass.

I have started reading "Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook", and I am in love. The only problem? Well...I'm glad that I have an extra $200 in my unspent tax refund FUND. Because, my friends, I am going to have to get a juicer. According to Sproutman, a juicer should be the key element in any healthy kitchen. And, a juicer isn't just for juicing. You can make sprouted grain bread with it, "ice cream", nut milks, nut butter. So...basically everything that I've been eating as of late. If I can make these items myself and save money by doing so, I'm all for it.

Sproutman recommends the Champion Juicer. Does anyone have experience with this juicer?

If there was one product that you could make at home to save money, what would it be?



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