Raw Cheese is Good.

In my foodilicious travels, and as part of my CCV "new foods challenge", I decided to try something that has otherwise freaked me out in the past.  I saw a documentary once about a girl who was lobbying for the ability to buy and consume raw milk.  To my rawvirgin ears, this was blasphemous and disgusting. At the time, I was outraged to think that anyone in their right mind would buy and consume unpasteurized dairy products.  I've since done some research on the topic, and I feel pretty confident that raw dairy is not as scary as some would make it seem.

So, I ventured out to my local organic market and purchased some raw cheese of my very own.  I was determined to form my own opinion about the raw stuff.

I also purchased some new crackers, which I've seen before, but I was also scared of these.

...nut CRACKERS...?


Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut-Thins, and Neighborly Farms of Vermont Raw Milk Cheddar.

p.s...please click on the Neighborly Farms link, because it is the cutest little website ever.  It is so homey.  And farmish.  And country.  It made me smile from the very click.

I wish I had a non-blurry picture of the hunk of this cheese that I cut off.  I was in love with the texture.  The cheese was firm, yet still soft enough to be able to cut it with a butter knife.  So, I lobbed off a little piece of cheese, stuck it on top of a cracker, and popped the whole nutty-cheesy-creation into my pie hole.


The flavor of the cheese is to die for.  If you are a cheese lover, I highly recommend this cheese.  The flavor is very rich, and it doesn't require an entire brick to feel satisfied.  It was really so good.

"Um, S'cuse me?  Mother?  We like raw cheese too!"


Hanni bird even fell in love with raw cheese.


Then, the dogs hovered around her cage, hoping for her to drop a cheese nugget.

No such luck.

In conclusion, raw cheese is good.