"A Kiss Seals Two Souls for a Moment in Time"

Quote by Levende Waters ------------------- I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't spend at least 1/2 of the day at my desk today worrying about tonight's impending 4.5 mile run.

And you know that I don't lie. I actually completely suck at it.

I wanted to run tonight, I was just paranoid because my calf was so completely tight.

So, I stretched during my breaks.

I read ChiRunning during my lunch.

I channeled the running gods and begged them to make my calf tightness go away.

I walked to my PT's office at 5PM (with no appointment) and proceeded to foam roll the schmeck out of myself. I foam rolled every body part that could potentially be foam rolled...and maybe some that shouldn't have been.



I also proceeded to complain and whine to my PT about how frustrated I was with my calf. I think she might have listened for the first 3.8 seconds. Then she tuned me out. But I kept complaining.

I needed to get it out of my system.

Just in case all of the above actions didn't work, I took a drastic measure upon arriving home.

I busted out my old Nikes, popped my wicked cool customer orthotics inside of the crusty old things, and re-laced them like this

Oh, hi Nikko's little doggie foot! I just love him.

Then, I rolled out to the gym. But first, I kissed them.

Not the dogs.

My Nikes.

My conclusion and deduction: If you're having a bad day, your body isn't cooperating, and you're considering drastic measures in order to just gain back control...give your runners a big wet kiss. It helps.

I had 4.5 miles on schedule for tonight. I started things off very slow. I actually walked for 10 minutes, stopping at 5 minutes to stretch. When I began running, I was going super slow. Like 12:00/mile slow. I just wanted to get a feel for what was going on. I waited for my Nike + to tell me I was at 2 miles, then I increased to 11:30/mile from mile 2-3, then up to 11:00/mile from mile 3-4. By the time I hit the 3rd mile, I was feeling good. I was singing to my playlist, and I'm sure everyone was staring at me.

But I didn't care. I was running!

I ended up running past 4.5, and finished out at 5 miles. The last .5 mile, I increased by 1mph every minute. I was crushing it. Feeling great.

I'm going to continue running in my Nikes, and shelf the Saucony's for a minute.

Or maybe I should just kiss my Saucony's.

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