Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I was way more tickled than you could ever imagine when I walked into my very local grocery store (the regular, non-organic one that I never go to), and was greeted at the door by this:

(sorry for the iPhone quality, I didn't have my big girl camera with me)

Locally-grown veggies! Although the specific farm wasn't noted on the signage, I'm following a hunch that these veggies came from the CSA farm down the street that I am on the waiting list for next year. I was way more than excited!

I picked up two huge zucchini's, and at only $0.99 per pound, I will most likely go back again this week to pick up some more for the freezer!

In addition to the local zucchini happiness, I was also ecstatic to cash in on one of my most coveted bits of HLS swag:

A whole entire free bottle of POM Wonderful! And this was not the tiny sample-sized bottle, this is the 16 OZ! I love HLS swag.

And now, as I wait for my baked salmon, I am indulging in a pre-dinner dessert. This is totally normal, right?


Heaven in a bowl.

I was lucky enough to win Amie's Agave Brownies at Caitlin's TNT bake sale on Saturday. I topped one of the chocolaty, cinnamon-y brownies with a scoop of chocolate peanut butter Haagen Daaz ice cream.  Just in case it wasn't already indulgent enough, then I squirted on one of my swag packets of Barney Butter.

I wish I could send you some. It's so good!

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