Adventures in Hackerville.

Oh, I love hackers! If you just strangely started receiving my feed after weeks of no posts, or if you are not receiving this at all (in which case the fact that I'm typing this doesn't matter), you are feeling the affects of a very naughty hacker that pirated my RSS feed!

About 6 months ago, my fantastic web developer got Jogger's Life listed at the top of Alltop's running blogs.  I was very happy to see it there, and I also received a nice amount of traffic from Alltop.  In the process of getting Letters To My Body up and running, I asked Bari to see if she could get the site listed in Alltop's Eating Disorders section.

I went to Alltop to poke around a little, and Jogger's Life was no longer on Alltop's "running" page.

Hmmm...that's odd.  I figured that I just talk about food too much to be listed in a directory of "running" blogs!

I nonchalantly mentioned it to Bari.  She checked it out for me and found out that my Feed was hacked.  Like, really supremely hacked.  All the way to the Wordpress files on the server.  Hooray!

So, two days, one techie, one web developer and my grocery budget later, the problem is fixed.

The issue now is that I've lost all of my Feedburner subscribers, which is a real bummer.  This is actually the second time that I've lost my subscribers and had to start virtually from scratch.  In my switch from Blogger to Wordpress, I lost about 150 subscribers.

I'm trying to be positive.  Maybe they'll find me again.

If not, I'll just view it as a challenge...a fresh beginning.

So, if you happen to be seeing this post, you may want to delete your feed subscription and re-subscribe.  That way you'll be sure that you don't lose me.

Hackers: stay away.  I don't like you.

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