And the SkirtSports Weiner is...

This giveaway was great fun. Not only because I loved reading your stories of tripping (there were a couple of these), diarrhea, upchucking, running parrots (?), and bloody appendages; but because I truly, honestly, wholeheartedly LOVE giving cool things away. I am "that" person who excitedly waits for everyone to open each individual gift at Christmas. Just so I can see the expression on a person's face when they receive something that they love. Or hate. Sometimes that's fulfilling as well. But mostly I love to give people things that they love.

And so, I give you a $25 gift certificate to SkirtSports.

Here are all of the entrants:


And the wiener is...


Beth from Avenue Z, who runs with cupcakes! Read this, it's funny.

I was training for my 1st marathon and running 20 miles for the first time in my life. It was my worst run ever. Hot. Slow. Alone. Hot. An old, *lame* man limped slowly past me. He was really old. I started singing the longest songs I knew trying to get through each mile: American Pie, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.... One mile at a time.

Our team was having a big picnic at the end of this run. The parking lot was some distance away. I was stumbling past my car and thought, "Like hell am I going to jog all the way back here for the cupcakes." I stopped by the car to grab the big box of cupcakes I brought to the picnic.

So I'm stumbling. Sweating. Dehydrated. Barely putting one foot in front of the next. And I'm carrying this giant box of cupcakes.

"Look at that lady jogging with the big box," a friend said. "Oh my God. That's Beth!"

My mentor ran out to take the box. As they iced down my knees and rushed water to me, the cupcakes disappeared. The picnic was almost over because I was almost the last to come in. Thank goodness I didn't bring appetizers!

Mmmmm...cupcakes. I love cupcakes!

Congratulations, Beth (or @avenueZ as some know her). Just provide me your email address, and I'll get your prize over to you in a jiffy. Please do report back about your purchase. I'd love to know if you become a SkirtSports convert!

And to everyone who didn't win, sorry. I hate to disappoint almost as much as I love to give. There will be others. You'll win next time. Well, I can't promise that. But stay tuned, there is much love in the air here at JL. And with love comes presents.

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