Angie Stewart Makes Me Sweat

With the ringing of Jenna's words in my ear, singing the praises of yoga, I decided to turn my total lack of motivation to run tonight (again) into something positive. I tried yoga for the 4th time in my life.

I've always deemed myself an "anti-yoga" type of chick because I am simply not flexible.

Like, not flexible at all. Prior to becoming serious about running, I couldn't even touch my toes. Now that I do a little bit of stretching post-run, I can at least do that.

Sometimes, My Gazelle has to stretch me out in strange sports therapist-type ways just so that I can properly move. This is not healthy. Sometimes I wonder if I would run better if I was more flexible.

The Healthy Living Summit inspired me to yoga again. Thank you, Healthy Living Summit.

According to Health and Yoga, practicing yoga on a regular basis can do the following:

  • Increase flexibility.
  • Increase lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Send messages to all of the organs of the body. Apparently, this provides benefits by keeping away disease, and warns the body of the likely onset of a disease or disorder.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • Tone the muscles.

So, I did it.

I did yoga.

I turned on my TV, hit "On Demand", and chose the 50 minute "Yoga Fitness Fusion" program.

And guess what?

It was really frockin hard! Way harder than I ever thought it was going to be.

And, I liked it.


I liked yoga?!


The fitness/fusion aspect of this yoga episode promised that it would incorporate strength, stretch, and cardio moves.

It definitely did what it said it would.

I didn't plan on sweating.

I mean, this is not a problem...I rather liked it. It was just a bit of a surprise.

And, I fell.

Yep, yep. Definitely crashed over backwards on my arse. I laughed, and Maya came over to check on me and lick my leg.

She loves me.

U ok mom?

I've decided that yoga is my friend.

And now I might even be mentally prepared to run in the morning.


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