Anniversary Asian Fusion

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of enjoying a 19th anniversary dinner with My Gazelle's sweet parents. I love them so much.

No, they don't read my blog.

So, I'm not just saying that to score points.

They are just lovely people, and they are a pleasure to be around. I was not only excited to spend the evening with them, but also to spend the evening at a new restaurant!

I had never been to Grace's Steak & Seafood before, so I googled it. It was tricky to find their actual website, but when I did, I was intrigued. I had never been to an Asian fusion restaurant before (unless P.F. Changs counts), so this was all new and exciting.

The exterior is very unassuming. Grace's is located in any ordinary brick shopping strip, and I was skeptical when we pulled up. However, upon entering the actual restaurant, it only took me 4.3 seconds to conclude that we made the right decision.

p1012637edit1The decor was spectacular. Especially on the ceiling.

p1012638edit1This guy doesn't like the flash on my big girl camera. It is sort of spastic.

p1012639edit1Remember during the late 90's when all of those children started having seizures while watching PokeMon?


Let's just say I won't use my flash on anyone who has a pre-epileptic condition.

Or a weak heart.

After a few attempts at causing neurological harm with my flash, we let the eating commence!

I decided not to bother everyone for a food-obsessed picture of their food, but here are some of the details...

I ordered the Chef's Special Salmon.

Oh my yumminess.

p1012641edit1I could not believe how beautiful this looked on the plate. The food tasted wonderful, but I think it tasted at least 25% better because it looked so pretty.

p1012643edit2My darling had the Fusion Peking Duck. Because I cannot cook duck to save my life.


Although he was stuffed full of duck and could not fathom another bite of anything, of course I had room for dessert. So, Mama Gazelle and I had dessert while the boys digested.

For me, the strawberry cheesecake made with ricotta and mascarpone.

p1012645edit1I loved the lightness of this cheesecake. The cakey layer in the middle seemed to be soaked ladyfingers, which I found very new and interesting.

And for Mama Gazelle, the chocolate ganache cheesecake.

p1012644edit1This was your standard "brick in the stomach" style cheesecake. It was very delicious, and very rich.

The verdict: I will totally be visiting Grace's again. It was a wonderful night!

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