Birthday Spankins are in Order!

I'm not prone to long bouts of sappiness, but today is My Gazelle's birthday.  Today, just for a sappy moment, he deserves to be celebrated. The man is amazing.

Through the past 3 years that we've been together, I've seen him mature and grow.


Three years ago, he was carefree, silly, and we were living life fancy-free.

loves it

The one thing that he can always do is make me laugh.  Like last year on his birthday when we had a kissing standoff.





It took a lot of work just to get that one kiss!

Besides my birthday boy's silliness, I admire the love and devotion that he shows to his family.  Every man should be as loyal to his family.

hall of fame


And, he is always committed to being a positive influence in the lives of his niece and nephews.

rick n d

Did I mention that he's as silly as they come?


It also helps that he's pretty darn sexay too.


Ahem...Sorry MommaG.

My Gazelle is one of the most self-sacrificing people I know.  As a police officer, he spends his day protecting others.  As a son, he spends his life protecting his parents.  As a brother, his siblings know that they can always count on him.  As an uncle, he watches over his nieces and nephews.  As a boyfriend, he supports and protects me (the most difficult job of all).  He's also a pretty darn good dog dad too.

What I'm trying to say is that nobody deserves a happy birthday more than him.


I love you boo boo.

Happy birthday!

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