Bondi Band is Awesome...Make No Mistake.

I ordered 2 super cool Bondi Bands for myself last week, and decided to order 2 extras so that I can give them away to you, my loyal readers. It was fun to say that. Even if there are only 20 of you. I still love you, and you are loyal. And loved.

On my Bondi Band order, I added this completely passive, non-expectant, strictly informational note in the 'comments' field...

"I'll be giving away 2 of these Bondi Bands on my blog! Check it out..."

I mean, so basically, I just wanted them to check out the contest and read my blog. I like when cool new people check out my blog. Remember the time when DJ Steve dropped by? So, that was like the highlight of my year by the way...and I just wanted to remind you that he stopped by. It made me feel cool. That doesn't happen very often.

So, I wanted some Bondi Band peeps to come on over to JoggersLife. That's all. Really. I promise. But, have I ever mentioned to you how much I love free sheeet? Well I really love free sheeet even more now because the lovely, wonderful, beautiful, totally wicked awesome people at Bondi Band just sent me 2 more Bondi Bands....FER FUHREEEEE!!!! Yippie! Hooray!

As I have already stated, I am a sharing, caring kind of gal. So, I shall give away FOUR (4) rather than TWO (2) Bondi Bands. Because I love you. So, if you haven't entered yet, I won't judge you. Just do it. HERE. NOW.

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