Chocolate Peanut Butter Lovers Beware!

This stuff is dangerously good.

fraternal twins

Really, really.

And, because it's so good, I've put it in all sorts of uncompromising positions lately.  Pretty sure that it loved every moment of the exploitation.  I know I did.

pumpkin pie3

Agave and maple syrup-sweetened pumpkin pie on whole-wheat crust with MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond spread.  Delicious.  Yummy.  Decadent.

apple pb

Whole grain bread smothered in MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut spread with slices of Gala apple on top.  Oh how I love my organic Gala apples!


It made a really great snack.

All of these combinations were delicious, but the next one.  The next one.  Oh, it created a lot of joy in my life.

best bread pudding

Homemade apple cinnamon bread pudding with Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter MaraNatha spread.  Please immediately run and put this task on your Bucket List, because your life will not be complete without it.

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