Choose Your Own Adventure: Training Style.

I began training for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon about 3 weeks ago.  The race is on March 7, 2010, and after all of my training issues over the past year, I decided that this time I was going to be gentle. If you know me or read me, you will also know that "gentle" is my own personal antonym.

To emit anything of a "gentle" nature is completely foreign and torturous.

I say too much, I do too much, I love too much, and I generally care too much.  All in a very non-gentle fashion.  Although my intentions are always genuine, and my actions are always true, I am so UN-gentle that people often mistake my bold and brash tendencies as being disingenuous.

I swear...I really do care THAT much.

I really am THAT nice.

I really WOULD pick you up and drive you across the country if you needed to visit your aunt.

And I'd probably buy you a Diet Pepsi and some Cinnamon Gummi Bears for the road (but that would be a semi-selfish purchase because I'd make you share the cinna gummi's).

It's just the way I am.

But there is nothing gentle about it.

All of this bibble-babble aside, when I realized and truly owned the fact that I needed to train for the Disney Princess 1/2 in a gentle fashion, I was sure that I would most definitely self combust in the process.

I am the girl who "ran" The Baltimore Marathon after injuring herself in like week 4 of training.  And I was technically still injured from my previous training.  I just don't DO gentle.

But, I'm DOING gentle.

I chose to bunk all of the ideas about whose training plan I needed to follow this time.  Hal Higdon is a training genius and all, and I'm sure that Nike's training plan is killer, but all of this talk about who is doing which training plan has begun to feel like some sort of high school click.

"The COOL kids are using the [insert name] plan".

Screw that.  Your girl is following her own damn plan this time.  My internal plan.  The one that my body guides me through.  The theme for life right now seems to be "get in touch with your own body, sista."

It's all very Chi of me, no?

(and I'm not speaking of the flat-iron-variety Chi this time)

I just cannot be held to the expectations of another person's training schedule.  I'm doing me this time (in a strictly "G" rated fashion).

I have a plan, but it's MY plan.


Errr...hopefully I don't die at the end.

Have you tried following your own training plan in the past?  How did it go?

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