Clean Is Good.

A few weeks ago, I received an email from the wonderful Alex at Waterpik, asking me if I'd like to receive one of their products for free in return for an unbiased review. Since everyone knows that I like FREE, I'm sure you know how I answered this question.

I decided to try Waterpik's Ecoflow Shower Head because I am quite the impressive sweatter.  I sweat often.  And I often sweat in man-sized proportions.

I didn't really think this review would be a true review unless I walked you through the entire process.  I wear the tool belt in my family, so the shower head installation was my responsibility.  And my tool belt is rather scantily-equipped.

So, this is what I was working with:


In other words, just the contents of the package.  I was confident that I could either a) install this shower head with great success, or b) cause my whole building some serious plumbing problems.

I timed myself.  At the moment when I decided to install the shower head (hadn't even opened the package), it was 8:50PM.  By 9:07PM, I had the entire thing installed and I was instructing The Boy on how to operate the new contraption.

shiny and new

And, it's shiny.  I like shiny.

Everyone in the family (even the dogs, except the bird) has now used the new EcoFlow, and the consensus is that we are in love.  We all love it for different reasons, of course.

My Gazelle loves it because he's tall (6'2"), and he doesn't like to have to duck down to put his head in the water.  Since the removable head sits up very high, there's no ducking necessary.

The Boy loves it because of one particularly fun setting on the shower head that makes him feel like he is being rained on.

I am partial to the shower head because it is easily removable, which means that I can clean the tub out very easily, and also easily bathe the pups.  I also like the multiple settings, and the fact that you can pause the water flow.

So, I think we'll keep it.


RIP old shower head (that took me over an hour to install).  Sorry 'bout your luck.

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