Crazy Lady, Comin Through...Scuse Me...Look Out!

Much has occurred since we last spoke at 11AM today. Well, not really, but I am feeling an overwhelming need to vent. So I shall.

1) I ran, and it was grand. I wouldn't call it my best run to date, or even as good as my last run. But, I tried my orthotics, and they were fabulous. Liz did caution me that I will most likely experience muscle soreness since my foot is now hitting the ground (or dreadmill) evenly, thus causing me to work different muscles. I'm all about working different muscles. It means the lazy ones that caused my original problem are being whipped into shape. Damn lazy ass muscles.

2) Today, at the gym, there were two young women who appear to be resolutioners. I say this because I have been going to the same ghetto-fied gym for 9 years, and I have only seen these two young women twice. Once today. Once last week. They don't have a designated "gym bag", they carry their things in a plastic grocery store bag. They were discussing the fact that one of them forgot her deodorant and brush. Any seasoned gym-going person knows that you buy two of everything. One for home, and one for your gym bag. And you certainly don't carry your gym things in a plastic grocery bag. THIS is how I know that they are resolutioners.

In addition, post workout, they both stepped on the stupid gym scale that has been broken for the past 8.75 out of 9 years that I have been going there. Although I do not weigh myself like...ever...I've heard others complaining about that scale for as long as I've been going to that particular gym. Not only did they step on the scale before their shower, but they both stepped on it again AFTER their shower. One of them complained that she "gained a pound" by taking a shower.

This reminded me, once again, of how happy I am to not be a slave to the scale. Please, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE, LADIES. They are from the devil.

3) I sent my awesome friend, Robert a text this afternoon to ask him if he's interested in networking with my PT because she mentioned that she was looking for a running coach to work with. In turn, he invited me to run with his Peak Performance team in the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon in Frederick, MD on May 3. Considering that I have this innate ability to never say "no" to anything or anybody, I obliged. Now, I'm scared.

Baltimore 1/2 Marathon (Frederick), May 3
15K, July 12
Baltimore 1/2 Marathon (Baltimore), October 10

Errr...My original commitment to run The Boilermaker seems to be turning into a full-on race schedule. I'm frightened. But the idea of running both of the Baltimore 1/2 Marathons this year is very exciting to me. I think they even give out medals. I've never got a medal before. I bet they'll be shiny.


Can I do this?

Am I up for the challenge?

Can I do 13 miles by MAY?


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