Dear Blog Friends, Do you See Me Now??

It would seem like the Gods of the Internet would have this whole "blog migration" thing down by now. Unfortunately not.

I migrated my blog from Blogger to Wordpress about a week ago, and added this fancy new layout. Despite all of the coolness going around, it appears as though some of my loving, loyal, from-the-beginning blog readers lost me. I've been here...posting...seemingly talking to myself...wondering where all of you had gone.

Then, I was clued in.

Google hates me.

I hope that everyone is back safe and sound, and we can continue with our life together. Happily.

I mean seriously. I'm running tonight after 2 weeks off. What would I do if you guys weren't here to listen to my story of how painful it was to asthmatically cough up both of my lungs?


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