Dear Jessica...

I forgive you for all for the times that you told me that I was born in the bathroom because mom tried to flush me, but I wouldn't fit. And the time you tortured me for a week after I let my friend drive our 4-wheeler up the tree on our front lawn.  I knew I wasn't supposed to let her drive it, but I did.  You took full advantage of my guilt, and I did all of your chores.  Until I cracked under the pressure and told on myself.

Or how about that email incident when you warned me of heat exhaustion and death during our recent Boilermaker 15K race?

It's all in the spirit of sisterly love, right?

Well, just in case I was still under the impression that My Sista hated me, all doubts have now officially been erased.


This box came in the mail for me yesterday.


And we all know that Groovy pop molds...


and shooting star pop molds are things that love itself is made from!

I see many pudding pops in my future...

Love you Jess!

If you could be a freezer pop, what flavor would you be?


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