There are some fun new developments on my EAT page, so check them out and let me know what you think. Rather than just keeping a relatively boring list of prior recipe posts that you may or may not have already read, I'm giving you an exclusive opportunity to nose into my daily action-packed FOOD happenings!

Exciting, no?


This decision was primarily motivated by my own personal issue with nosiness. I can only assume that you are also nosy and that you will enjoy this feature. No offense. In addition, the decision was spurred by my obsession with food. I am also assuming that you are obsessed with food as well. Obsessed in only the nicest, most non-psycho sense of the word.

Of course.

So, the EAT page is now dedicated solely to my food logs, and you can even get your very own copy. I'm hoping that "Jogger's Life Food Log Fever" catches on like wildfire, because I would love to start featuring my readers' food logs in the future. So, get ta loggin'!

Please let me know if you hate this idea entirely. I won't take it personally. Just let me know what you'd rather see on the EAT page!


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