Fun Food Friday

I'm running a little late today, folks.  But I didn't want to deny you of Friday's fun food!  Just FYI...I'm not getting paid to mention any of these websites.  I'm just sharing my food finds with you! jl-page-break

First, I just discovered Organic Mall, and it is great.  It's like a MALL full of ORGANIC STUFF.  Not just food, either.  They have organic health, pet, and baby products among other things.  It's really quite fabulous.


Have you ever heard of Diamond Organics?  If not, you totally need to check them out.  If you took Whole Foods and put all of their products online...then multiplied it by 12, you'd have Diamond Organics.  I honestly was surprised by their selection, and I have no idea how they do it.  You can even get already prepared food.  They sell raw, vegan, organic...everything!  I especially want to mention their family favorites samplers.  I was very impressed by these selections, and surprised to see that they offer FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING on these items.  Awesome!


Brewer Farms Organic Almonds has very reasonable prices on raw, organic almonds.  And free shipping!  They accept orders and payments via their website.  You can get a 5 pound box of almonds for $8.00 per pound.  This is very cheap, considering raw organic almies run between $10-$15 per pound.  If you buy larger quantities through Brewer Farms, the prices get even cheaper (25 pounds for $6 per pound).  This is great for those of us who make our own nut butter.


This place is so cute.  Cafe Gratitude sells all types of gratuitous things in their online store.  One thing that caught my attention was their "I am great" raw granola.  It ain't cheap, folks.  But, it's cute.  And, it looks very yummy.


I'm really excited to say that the beautiful people at Ulimana (who I mentioned in last week's Fun Food Friday post), very generously sent me a sampler including some of their raw organic chocolate goodies.  Since I love you, I'm donating it to one lucky blog reader!

To enter the contest, please do the following:

1) Post a comment on this post and tell me about your best recent food discovery (+1 entry).

2) Link back to this post on your blog (+1 entry).  If you don't have a blog, it's ok!  Just send an email to, and I'll hook you up with another entry!

Also!  Check out my May Core Belief Challenge!  The winner of the challenge will receive a really great prize.  But it's a surprise, so I'm not telling you what it is!

Good luck!