Fun Food Friday

Watch out.  I have a brand spankin new Vita-Mix Blender, and I know how to use it.  You'll have to forgive me if todays Fun Food Friday completely ends up revolving around my Vita-Mix.  I'm slightly obsessed. Slightly.

First of all, there are two things that I really want to make with my Vita-Mix:

  1. Nut butter
  2. Nut milk

For that, I need nuts.

Nuts are kind of on the pricey side most of the time, and I'm kind of cheap.  It's becoming more and more difficult to be cheap, and I've had to let my inner coupon princess take a vacation since making the decision to eat organic, vegetarian, and sometimes raw.  Organic, vegetarian, and raw is more expensive than buying 10 packages of microwave popcorn for $10.00 with $.99 off 2 double coupon, folks.

Does anyone know how much each box of microwave popcorn would be after that fantastic deal?

Well.  The answer is this.  Cheaper than organic, vegetarian, raw food is.

However, in defense of my new food choices, I am not wasting food the way that I have in the past.  If I have it in my fridge, it gets used.  I haven't had an "oh no, rotten spinach!" moment in ages.  So, knowing that I'm not wasting the money that I'm spending does actually make my heart sing.

In order to save money on the things that bite into the budget the most ($10.99 organic raw almond butter, $4.00 almond milk, etc.), I have decided that it will be cheaper to make these things myself.

So, lets see.

I'll save about, oh...$15 per week NOT buying almond butter and milk.  That's $780 per year.  Which means that in a little over 6 months, I will have saved enough money to pay for my dreamy Vita-Mix.

That is accountant speak for "I'm rationalizing the purchase of a $399 blender".

Just go with it.

That said, let Fun Food Friday begin.  This weeks installment includes lots of nuts, a splash of vegan mega-store, a touch of strawberry patch, some swanky vegan wine, and tons of love!


This week, I found the answer to one of my prayers.  Nuts Online.  They have everything nut, spice, love related that you could ever need.  At 3:33 PM on Wednesday, I purchased the following items through their website:

  • 1 lb. Organic Almonds (Raw, No Shell)
  • 1 lb. Organic Raw Peanuts (No Shell)
  • 1 lb. Organic Hemp Seeds (Raw, No Shell)
  • 1 lb. Organic Hemp Protein Powder
  • 1 lb. Organic Maca Powder

My order total was 63.75, including $7.50 shipping (boooo for no free shipping, but still a good price for all of those goods).

At 3:52 PM on Wednesday (same day), I received an email that my items had shipped.  Wha...?  The email also stated that my order would be delivered on Thursday.  Wha...wha...???  I didn't pay for no stinking overnight shipping!  The thing is, they are just that fast.  They purchase the nuts directly from the growers, then roast the nuts on the same day that you purchase them, so these are just about as fresh as you can get.   So, $7.50 shipping, you've made me proud.  I guess I'll let you slide this once.

And, I DID receive my goods yesterday, and I DID have hemp seed in my green smoothie last night.  Life is good.


Although I don't live directly in the city, I live close enough to a city that it becomes very difficult at times to find the type of wilderness and harvesty-goodness that I'm used to.


Oh, home.  How I miss you.

Periodically, I try to inject my citified life with a little country.  This could be as simple as saying hello to a stranger that I pass in a store.  Because, that just doesn't happen in the city.  When I'm feeling especially out of kilter with my roots, I go to the local nursery and smell the hanging flower baskets.  My mother and I went to the nursery back home every year to pick out the most beautiful baskets.

Oh, memories.

This year, I made a pact with myself that I was going to stay true to myself and my country roots.  Ya can take the girl outta the country, but ya can't take the country outta the girl.  To pretend like I'm a city girl would be a sham.

I'm planning a strawberry picking trip with my friends.  If none of my friends go, I will be sweating my arse off in the strawberry patch all by my damn self.  This trip is planned for June 6th.  How did I FIND a strawberry patch in the DC/Baltimore metro area?, of course!  Well, the patch isn't in the DC/Baltimore metro area, it's actually about 30 minutes outside of said area.  But, it is within easy driving distance. has listings in every state for various You Pick EM fruit patches.  The particular farm that I picked, Larriland Farm, is amazing.  Their picking season begins in early June with strawberries, and continues on with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, apples...pretty much any native fruit that you can imagine.

I have purchased a set of Bell jars, and I fully intend to live on fruit preserves and homemade fruit leather for at least the next 6 months.

So, that was a long story just to tell you about  But, it's a great website, and not only does it tell you where you can pick fruit in your area, but it also has canning tips, and all types of harvest information.  Very useful.


Another new-found love of mine is The Vegan Store.  All vegan, all the time.  They have food, clothing, name it.  They have some good stuff in their clearance section too.


You know what I love more than wine?  Organic wine!  You know what I love even more than Organic wine?  Organic Vegan wine!  Check out Ecowine's selection of organic and organic vegan wine online.


And, staying true to my chocolate-loving readers, you must check out Frankly Natural's brownies.  I found these little babies at my local David's Natural Market, and they are uber-yummy.


That is my fun food-ness for today!

Stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend on my insane attempt to throw a Mother's Day dinner for 10 in our postage-stamp-sized condo!  It should be an interesting show.

If you haven't entered my Ulimana Giveaway yet, there's still time!