Get Movin', Kid!

Have you guys heard of the  Switch2Health Replay? S2HMe either...until someone Tweeted about it this morning.  I felt so out of the loop!

Not that I ever would claim to really be 'in the loop', because I'm usually on a totally different planet...but from a health and fitness gadget standpoint, I am usually pretty much on point.

I'm just a health and fitness gadget kind of girl.

But I had never heard of this gadget.

After checking out the Switch2Health website, I learned that the Replay is being geared heavily towards children, as a way to encourage kids to increase their level of physical activity.  And then I forgave myself for not knowing about it yet.  I'm only a pseudo-Mom on the weekends, so I'm giving myself a pass on this one.

From the S2H website:

"Wear it.  Be active.  Get rewards."

Sounds easy enough, right?

Apparently, Paul Pierce from the Celtics thinks so.  I'm sure he's wearing that blue replay voluntarily, of course.

Somehow, the Replay magically records the amount of physical activity that one does while wearing the gadget, then also magically transmits this information to the S2H competition website.  Seemingly reminiscent of Nike+ challenges, users can compete against one another and earn rewards.  The more activity one does, the more they earn.

I want one.

It's just a genius idea.  Hopefully S2H has found a way to engage children in physical activity in a world where electronic games have taken over the universe!

What do you think?  Would you buy one for your children?  Yourself?

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