Giveaway! SPIBelt =or= iFitness Belt

*************CONTEST IS CLOSED, WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN TODAY, MARCH 2, 2009!!***********

As I was walking through the halls of the Smithsonian Portrait Museum last Saturday, during the first leg of my Girl Power! trip to DC, I had a brilliant idea.


"Yes Jogger?"

"I have a brilliant idea!"

"Really...please, do tell."

"I think that I should ride the Metro into DC on the weekends and RUN!"

"WOW! That IS a brilliant idea!"

I mulled this idea around in my head for the day, and became giddy at the thought of running around the reflecting pool and the capital...with the white house in the distance. It all seemed very surreal, and the perfect backdrop for the runner in me to emerge.

Rose-colored glasses folks...

Rose-colored glasses.

As soon as I pulled my head out of the clouds, I started thinking realistically. I'll be all smelly on the Metro ride home...what will I do about that?! Where am I gonna stick my sheeeet (car key, etc...) while I'm running? I pondered. Two words immediately entered my brain, and then I wanted to gouge my brains out.


Yes, I said it. But then I immediately erased those words from my brain because I would rather pull out each one of my toenails individually than wear a fanny pack. My Mom wears a fanny pack on vacation. Nuff said.

So, with horrific fanny-pack-visions dancing in my head, I started trolling the internet for a solution. I came across some options, and then basically just gave up. It felt like too much work. It wasn't fun anymore. I was over it.

Then, coincidentally, the next day on Twitter, my girlie Beth from AvenueZ mentioned that she loved her SPIBelt. In a totally unrelated, unsolicited conversation. I wasn't even talking about my extreme hatred for fanny packs and how much I needed an alternative. It was almost as if she read my mind. It was rather freaky actually. So, I felt like it was a sign from the running Gods that I needed to buy a SPIBelt. I went on their website and checked out the goods. It seemed like exactly what I needed. And Beth loves hers, so why wouldn't I love mine?!

I proceeded to choose a black SPIBelt with a teal zipper, threw that baby in my cart, and then did the next logical thing. Opened a new tab, and typed "SPIBelt coupon" into the Google search bar. I'm just sayin. Coupons are important business in Joggerville, ya know? So, Google brought up like 5 trillion results, as it always does, but none were cut and dry coupons. a needle in a haystack, I found Molly. Molly is a fellow blogger, and she just happened to have become affiliated with SPIBelt, and was offering her blog readers a 10% off coupon, which could be obtained by emailing her. I was so excited! Then I saw the date on the blog post: September 16, 2008. Pffftttt...I figured I was SOL, and just moved on.

Then, I grew some nads and emailed Molly.

In the meantime, I also saw someone else on Twitter (@maddyhubba I think?) mention that they like the iFitness Belt. It appears as though the iFitness belt might be SPIBelt's stiffest competition. So, I rummaged around on the iFitness Belt website and also emailed them to see if they had any current promotions.

Thinking that neither person (people) would get back to me. Ever.

And, since I'm almost never right about anything, both emailed me back.

In addition, Molly from SPIBelt is awesome. We have emailed back and forth several times, and she is a total sweetheart, and has asked me to guest blog on her site. I have no idear what I'm supposed to talk about, but I suppose that is only a minor detail. To worry about at a later date.

Due to the fact that Molly is my new internet BFF (she just doesn't know yet), I am now wishing that iFitness didn't email me back with such a gracious discount. Because now, my friend, I have to buy both. Yes, I said BOTH. B.O.T.H. Because that is just how I roll, and I cannot shun a nice gesture by anyone. Not even faceless email addresses that offer me discounts on not-fanny-packs.

I knew I had to buy both.

I just didn't know what to DO with both.

So, this is where YOU come in. I will review one of these products, and YOU, lucky winner, will review the other! Pretty please, don't enter if you don't want to review, because...well...that is just part of the terms and conditions of this here giveaway! And anyway, it would just make me sad if you won something but didn't let me know how you felt about it. Remember...I'm that annoying person who gives gifts just so I can watch everyone unwrap (and love) them. Don't steal my moment of joy. Please.

It doesn't have to be a fancy review. It can be as short as a few sentences. Just so I know what your general impression of it was, and so that I can share the opinion with others. I like to share opinions. It's fun.

So, don't let the "review" requirement scare you from entering. The "review" part is easy. It's the "trying out" that might be hard!

To enter this really cool, wicked awesome contest, just comment this post and tell me about the oldest clothing item residing in your closet. Because I'm nosy.

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