Hi, Remember Me? Yeah...The One Who Likes To Cook?

I mean, you probably forgot that I like to cook, since it's been like 4,376 years since I showed you a picture of anything that I actually cooked. It's mostly because I haven't been cooking anything fun.

I have just emerged from 3 weeks of work hell again.  I'm happy to announce that I'm alive and well.

When I'm buried deep in the throes of fiscal year-end financials, I exist off of convenience food.  The very last thing that I have time to do, after working and running, is cook a Bizzle Crocker style feast.  I like tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips are good.

And peanut butter and jelly.  Lots and lots of peanut butter and jelly.  If you don't believe me, just look.

I've eaten at least one peanut butter and jelly per day for roughly 3 weeks.

Tonight when I got home from grocery shopping, all I could think about was cooking.  Chopping.  Slicing.  Dicing.  Baking.  Steaming.  Roasting.

What can I say.  I have issues.

On tonight's agenda: balsamic roasted tofu and veggies with sun-dried tomato pesto fettuccine.  And, ginger almond dog biscuits for my fur babies.  Can't forget the little munchkins!

But first, to get the tofu ready.


I'm not trying to show you part of my book collection.

There is actually 4 small blocks of extra firm tofu under those books.  I'm squishing the tofu between cheesecloth-like towels (they're clean, I promise) to remove as much liquid as possible.

After the tofu was satisfactorily squished (about 30 minutes), I scored it so that it could suck up more of the marinade.


Next, to roast the veggies.


So, after I got these cut up and in the bowl, I remembered that I had a new character in the crisper.


So, is this thing ugly or what?!

A hairy, dirty daikon radish.


I was feeling a little blurry about this new addition to my veggie family.

So, I tried it.


It tasted...radishy.

I decided to go all the way.


I poured the veggies onto a baking sheet, and used the same bowl to make the marinade for the veggies to roast in.

Yeah, I'm a little short on mixing bowls.


The marinade consisted of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, dried oregano & basil, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and a splash of agave.


Then, I got back to work on the tofu.


After dipping the tofu, I put it on the baking sheet with the veggies, then poured the remaining marinade on top of the whole shebang.


Looks yummy to me!

While the veggies and tofu were roasting in a 450 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, I made the pasta.


This pesto is imposter, not my own.  But, I guess I can't have it all, right?


I just boiled the fettuccine until it was al dente, and mixed 1/2 pound of the cooked pasta with 3/4 of the pesto, and heated it through.  I tasted my way through the process, and decided that the pesto needed some more oomph.  I added freshly ground pepper and garlic powder in the end.

Soon after, my veggies were done!

Oh happy day.


I could only eat one piece of tofu, but the plate looked prettier with two on it.


Thank goodness for leftovers.


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