Hydrate and Fuel: Partial Success...Kinda.

Yesterday's play to hydrate and fuel went well for the most part.  The run ended up overall being very (very) slow, on account of the huge hills, hellacous heat, and the fact that the hydropak felt like it weighed 12,453 pounds on my back.  Despite the challenge, I wasn't disappointed in any way. I got another 9 mile run under my belt, and I'm confident that I'll be ready for my 15K in 2 more weeks.  This week is my last week of increased mileage before I spend the week before the race tapering.

Although today I feel awesome, and I'm not sore or tired, and I have no random pains in my knee or calf or anything, yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon sleeping off another migraine.  During my run, I finished all of the water in my hydropak (64 oz), plus  I drank 2 more 17 oz bottles of water after the run.  I'm not sure what exactly is causing my post-run migraines, but hopefully I will figure it out.

I also had another really (really) bad allergic reaction to my sweat, and now my face is a total mess.  I've decided to schedule an actual appointment with an actual dermatologist so that I can try to combat this problem.  I love running too much to stop on account of my skin, but I love clear skin too much to continue suffering due to running.  It is quite painful as well, and just overall very uncomfortable.

Look for my next post about Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World!


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