Ice Cream is the New Ammonium Carbonate

And, this post title is officially voted as "most nerdy title to date." I win, I win!


Sometimes it's fun to just put aside all of your responsibilities and enjoy a day of fun.

Ignore the letter you received from The Gazelle's condominium association stating that you must get rid of one of your dogs in order to be in compliance with the by-laws. Oh, and by the way, the other dog that you decide to keep must lose at least 10 pounds in order to meet regulations.

Gloss over the OTHER letter that you received on the very same day from YOUR condominium association bitching about the fact that there is a car mat on your patio. And you haven't put screens in your windows. And you need to remove or replace the loose and/or missing flagstones on the patio.

Oh yeah. You also need to let the fact that you have a race in 3 weeks fall out of your brain for a moment.

Pretend that you don't have 4 huge piles of laundry lying on the bedroom floor because they don't fit inside of the overflowing laundry basket. And they really need to be removed from the floor ASAP because the contraband dog that needs a diet likes to roll around in daddy's stinky gym clothes.


Just forget all of those things and have some FUN, will ya?


And stare at a fire boat for about 3.25 hours, drowning your thoughts in the glorious spray as it exits the fireboat.

Wondering how long it would take you to drown if you were forced to tread water in the polluted Baltimore Inner Harbor. Or if you'd even live for very long at all after being exposed to multiple carcinogens upon dipping even a toe in.

While your boyfriend quietly wonders if you're in a coma.


Patiently stands and waits for you to snap out of it.

"Honey? Can we keep walking now?"






What brought me out of my fire-boat-induced coma fest?

"Hey, honey...I think I see an ice cream shop over there!"

"Huh? Ice cream? Where?"



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