Intuitive Eating: My Way.

Whereas I am hesitant to call anything a "commandment", because the pure connotation of the word sounds almost as harsh and ugly as "diet", "fat", "scale", and "perfect" to me, taken in context, "commandment" in this sense is not a restrictive word.

In the sense of Intuitive Eating, nothing is restrictive.

In and of itself, Intuitive Eating is a liberating safety net for those of us who who have wasted countless years of our lives plummeting into diet demise.  Again, and again, and again.

Because they are the genius behind Intuitive Eating, and because these concepts are all entirely built around their genius, I must credit the wonderful Evelyn Tribole, (MS, RD), and Elyse Resch, (MS, RD, FADA).  They have helped so many of us chronic dieters break away from the exhaustive cycle, and I am forever grateful for their book.

That said, here are my ten commandments (nice, happy, smiley-faced commandments) for Intuitive Eating:

Picture 2

I must follow this list with a disclaimer:

Guess what?  Perfect is not an option.  These are my commandments, but I can't say that I've ever personally been struck down by the wrath of all things evil for not following my commandments all the time.

Cough...number two...cough...daily...cough.

Perfect just doesn't happen in real life, but who cares?  Let's all be happy with being perfectly imperfect.  It makes us all uniquely beautiful, and it is the reason why people love us.

What are your happy, smiley-faced commandments?

Are you eating intuitively?

This is MY way, but what is YOUR way?

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