Is SO DELICIOUS Really So Delicious?

Remember last week when I tried to quell my moo-moo yogurt desires with rice yogurt? And I was outraged to find that rice yogurt tasted more like rice than yogurt?

Since I'm not a quitter, I tried again.

This time, the subject was All Natural So Delicious Vanilla Yogurt, made with coconut milk.


The facts:


Quite a bit less sugar than that sad container of Yuckera yogurt last week (the competition had 24g).

I must preface this review by telling you that I love coconut.  I love the smell, the taste, the texture...the cute furry outer shell.  I love it all.  With that in mind, I'm assuming that if you buy this product, it's because you like coconut as well.

The texture of this yogurt is much like the dairy variety.  However, there was no typical yogurt "bite" that is found in the dairy variety.  For me, this was a major plus because I'm not very fond of that "bite" that comes from moo moo yogurt.  The other great thing about the texture was that it is thicker than your average dairy yogurt (this is one of the other things I can't stand about regular's soupy...that's gross).

The texture of So Delicious lies somewhere between dairy yogurt and Greek yogurt.  Divine.

It definitely tasted like coconut.  If vanilla and coconut got married and had a baby, this would be the result.  A healthy, tasty, beautiful, little angel vanilla coconut baby.

The verdict:


I would've licked it if I didn't think my coworkers would walk by.

Don't worry.  I bought more today.


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