It's (Almost) our Anniversary

In two weeks, My Gazelle and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary. This is fun and momentous, not only because I love him so, but because we have indeed dealt with our fair share of trials and tribulations over the past 2 years.

Mostly during the first 8 months of our relationship.

Mostly due to the fact that I was hormonally imbalanced on tri-phasal birth control (I could write a book about that stuff).

Partially due to the fact that he wasn't "ready" for a relationship.

The fun thing is that none of that even matters anymore. We're happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. And we're both excited about our anniversary. Proud that we made it this far together. Glad to have stuck together through all of the drama.

More specifically, I'm happy to have requested a Garmin 305 for my ever-important anniversary. I know it's probably selfish, but I don't care.

And I'm very happy that it is on the way to me at this very moment.

Actually, giddy is probably a more appropriate word.

Also, I find it ironic that I requested a fitness-related Garmin 305, and My Gazelle requested the equally-as-fitness-related TRX Suspension Trainer. We're total nerds.


The thing is, I'm just wondering if anyone has one of these TRX jobbys, or if they've tried one before. I'm not keen on spending $200 on something if I'm not sure that it'll work. It looks really cool...I just don't know whether it actually works or not.

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