Kabocha, You Let Mama Down.

The plan was well written.  My first kabocha.  Whole wheat noodles.  TJ's Savory tofu. I think it was this girl's fault.  She planted the squash, noodle, tofu seed for me yesterday when I was catching up on blogs.

However, the plan got a little stinky when I cut into the kabocha.


I literally started walking around the house, perplexed.  I know that my dogs are house-trained, and it has been ages since there was an accident.  However, there was this undeniable lingering odor of puppy poo.  After wandering around the house searching for the culprit, it led me back to the kabocha.


stinky kabocha 2

It was so stinky that it even made the picture blurry!

stinky kabocha

It was geeeeross.

But, I nuked it anyway.

nuke the kabocha

And, this is where we pretend that my microwave is spotless.  I guess I've been too busy with other things to take care of that little detail.  Oops.

After I nuked it, it was still stinky.  Probably more stinky, but I still wasn't deterred.

I wanted to love kabocha.  Everyone loves kabocha!  Far be it for me to take an exception to this rule.

In the meantime, I prepared the other ingredients.


There are clearly 2 packages of my beloved TJ's savory baked tofu, but I only used one.  I did, on the other hand, buy two after work, because today was the first time in two weeks that this tofu has been present at TJ's when I wanted it.  Maybe this girl is buying it all before I can get there.

So I boiled the noodles and sauteed the tofu in a little olive oil (I crave the crunch).  Then I scooped the skinky cooked kabocha from the skin, and plopped it into a tiny bit of olive oil to get a little bit of crunch around the edges.  The original plan was to combine all of the pieces and parts together, but upon further investigation, I decided to leave the kabocha separate.

kabocha and noodles 2

The noodley goodness.

kabocha and noodles 1

On a side note, my evening was originally supposed to include a little bit of mochi love as well.


However, when I realized that these were waiting for me, I lost my mochi-motivation.


(Bride Wars and Marley & Me)

The conclusion: kabocha is not a friend of mine.  It was kind of blandish, smelled like poo poo, and I don't foresee myself buying it again.  I wanted to like it, but it just didn't work out.  We talked it out and had a clean break though, so that's good.

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