Love and Marriage.

My man is no Al Bundy.

back row

I mean seriously.  Al Bundy could never hold this Matrix-esque pose while sitting on the couch sipping a brew with his hand down his pants.  Nope.

rick and kitty

And I'm sure that Al Bundy would never allow himself to be pinned down by a 7 pound Kitty Dog like this.

A couple of weeks ago, on his birthday, I told you all of the wonderful things about my man.  I could really talk about it for days, but I'd rather if you guys stuck around.  If I began talking about him again, you'd be gagging and barfing within minutes.  Trust me.  I promise.

Ok, so he's not quite my DREAM MAN.

kobe_bryant_cbbjpg there anything sexier than Kobe Bryant adoring his daughter?!  Goodness.

Kobe_Bryant_IV there anything sexier than Kobe Bryant holding a basketball shoe?!  Goodness.


I digress.

Kobe is aight.

But I have Rizzle.  My Gazelle.  My boo boo.

For life.


Oh yes.

He's mine.  Forever and ever.  Amen.

chaceas wedding kiss

Let the planning begin!

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