MaraNatha Giveaway!

Since they induced so much drool in my post the other day, I've decided to make one person the lucky winner of a set of their own MaraNatha Chocolate Nut Butters!

fraternal twins

I promise to send you jars that haven't been opened yet, unlike the ones in this picture.

To enter this giveaway,  leave a comment with your favorite soup recipe, or paste me a link to your favorite soup recipe.  Vegetarian or Pescetarian recipes are preferred, but that's just because I'm being selfish.  If your recipe has chicken or beef (or whatever), don't be afraid to post!!   I have soup on the brain, and I'll take it any way I can get it!!

A random winner will be chosen at 5PM on Tuesday, October 6th.  Rumor has it that nobody ever enters my contests, so your chances of winning are fantastic.  If you enter, I suggest that you add me to your feed reader.  There's nothing worse than someone who never reads, enters a contest, but doesn't come back to see if they won!  Poor unfortunate souls!

Good luck!

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* Everyone loves a giveaway!


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