Marathon Aftermath.

Besides the fact that I can't seem to get rid of this strange pain in my hip, my body is pretty much healed from the marathon.  I can again walk up and down stairs without a major production (or turning around backwards), and it doesn't hurt to lie down in bed. Yes, on Saturday night after the marathon, it actually hurt to lie down.  I don't think this is healthy.

Although my aches and pains are generally gone, traces of my marathon still remain.

First, two days ago, I came down with the largest, ugliest cold sore known to man.  I've been plagued on and off with cold sores since I was a child, but haven't had one in over a year.  When I was at the height of my eating disorder, they were a regular occurrence.

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Sexay stuff!

The fact that I got a cold sore is not surprising.  Cold sores can occur several times over a person's life after they have had their first cold sore, and they are usually brought on by fatigue, stress, and a weakened immune system.  Personally, it seems like I often get them when I am allowed some downtime after several months of running (no pun intended) on high speed.

Hence, the reason why one turns up 2 days after I finish my marathon.

I'll just continue applying coconut oil to my ugly cold sore, and hope it heals nicely before this weekend (when I actually have to face people other than my coworkers).


p.s...I'm wearing my marathon race shirt, and isn't it nice??!!  It's an Under Armour shirt.  Under Armour is based in Baltimore, the course goes right past their headquarters, and they were a major sponsor for the race.  It's very possible that this shirt was the best part of my race experience!

The second matter of aftermath is this.


Chafing pretty much sucks.  There's also one on the other arm.  It's slightly smaller, but no less painful.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm basically just a complete mess right now.

The good news is that the plumber cut us a break, and my faucet is fixed.  Now, I can re-commence my soup-making endeavors.  Luckily, he was able to fix the faucet that we already had, rather than putting a new one in for $600.  Thank goodness!

I'd hate to be cold-sored, chafed, AND poor (er).

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